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Transparency in Government

More Accountability, Greater Transparency, Streamlining Government


With so many layers of government across New Jersey, there is a lot of money that is often wasted or finding its way into the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats to benefit themselves, rather than the good of the taxpayers. The public always has a right to know how their tax dollars are being spent. As your state Assemblywoman, I’m committed to delivering a more open, transparent and ethical government that delivers greater accountability for taxpayers.


  • Worked to open up records hidden by the Murphy Administration during the pandemic, including posting on the state website.

  • Co-sponsored the Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission to streamline government and reduce red tape.

  • Fought for fair distribution of COVID relief funding by population, rather than by arbitrary selection.

  • Led efforts to increase audits of major school districts receiving state tax dollars, and install auditors of small business grant funding to ensure our tax dollars were spent appropriately.

  • Fought for better 21st century customer service at Motor Vehicle, particularly after COVID-caused backlogs resulted in massive lines, wasted time, and poor service.

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