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Mental Health & Education

As a product of public schools, I know how important a high quality education is to elevate kids and prepare them for the future. I faced similar challenges as a kid – growing up in a single parent home and switching schools 14 times by the sixth grade. Yet, overcoming those odds, and watching my father become a public school teacher, were life-changing events for me. I believe every child should have access to a high-quality education. As your Assemblywoman, I’m committed to building a better future for every New Jersey student:


  • Endorsed by our local teachers.

  • Supports fully-funding our schools and opposed Governor Murphy’s funding cuts, including millions to Roxbury Township, Washington Township, and Randolph Township schools.

  • Sponsor of the law to ensure school districts still provided meals for struggling families throughout the pandemic.

  • Co-sponsor of the law to mandate the teaching of civics and the responsibilities and privileges of being an American citizen.

  • Authored a bill to provide free tuition to children of veterans who died or were disabled in a service-related injury.

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