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Assemblywoman Aura Dunn Special Guest As Randolph Approves CSLR Legislation

RANDOLPH, NJ- Assemblywoman Aura Dunn was a special guest at the Randolph Council as the Council approved its CSLR legislation during the Dec. 8 meeting.

This new legislation permits CSLR (cooperative sober living residences) in Randolph, which will fall under residential regulations and will require a Class F license from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

Assemblywoman Dunn said that the legislation “has come a long way in a year” and that last year “it looked a little unpromising, worrisome, confusing”, but that she was very pleased with the work put into it in the time since. Additionally, in September, legislation sponsored by Assemblywoman Dunn was introduced which would create a credentialing agency to develop and administer a certification program for voluntary recovery residences. There is also a commission being formed to track abuse in CSLR programs, though their report won’t be ready until next year.

Assemblywoman Dunn said that one branch has already passed the legislation and it is working its way through the rest of the State Government. Assemblywoman Dunn has apparently spoken with Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver about CSLR regulations. “This is a new program, it went into effect in 2018, and communities are just starting to see them come to be”, said Assemblywoman Dunn, “So it is a learning process”.

Assemblywoman Dunn thanked the residents for keeping up with the legislation and promised to keep everyone posted.

“It’s a year later, but the dialogue doesn’t end here”, she said, “We’re not closing the books on this by any means”.

During the past several meetings, residents of Highview Terrace have shown up at meetings to give their thoughts and concerns, as their street is across from High Street property zoned as possibly being for CSLRs. The residents were extremely pleased with both Assemblywoman Dunn and the Council for their mindfulness and handling of the legislation.

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