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School Safety

It happened in Sante Fe, Texas; Parkland, Florida; Marshall County, Kentucky; Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut; Columbine High School in Colorado.


A deranged gunman walked into a school. Killed innocent children. Teachers. School administrators.

In none of these schools had it ever happened before.

In the last 20 years, in 230 different schools, 294 children and school officials have been killed in senseless acts of violence. 440 seriously injured. Some never to walk again.

This results in more lives shattered and lost through grief, depression and suicide.

Just because it has not yet happened in New Jersey, does not mean it cannot or will not happen here.

Our schools should have the same security measures we give government officials and politicians in New Jersey.

  1. Giving schools the option of enhancing security with assistance from the State, including          additional school resource officers, camera equipment to better monitor hallways, professional      teams to monitor, evaluate and asses threats, and if necessary, equipment to screen those who      enter school buildings so that nobody can walk into a school with a loaded gun or lethal      weapon.

  2. Increasing security around schools so that our kids are free to learn absent fear of violence.

  3. Cracking down on bullying in our schools and school playgrounds; training teachers and  teachers’ aides to notice the tell-tale signs of drug abuse and addiction, and encouraging them to work together with parents.

  4. See something, Say something. We all must lead to DO something.

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