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Leading During COVID-19

Whether keeping our most vulnerable safe, helping children adapt to these challenging times or working to help New Jersey's economy recover, Aura has been a leader during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 Response Legislation Sponsored by Aura Dunn

A-3946: Provides relief to students receiving New Jersey financial aid.

A-3978: Limits fees charged to restaurants by food delivery apps. 

A-4627: Creates the Digital Divide Solutions Grant program to help purchase technology necessary to implement remote learning. 

A-4491: Increases government transparency during the pandemic.

A-3915: Allows our vital non-profits to continue holding board meetings remotely while complying with necessary regulations.

A-4333: Reforms MVC, allowing more services to be completed online.

A-4247: Establishes the Covid-19 Frontline Mental Health Claims Program to assist frontline workers with mental stresses during the pandemic. 

A-4239: Requires safety guidance and in-person visitation at community-based residential settings for people with developmental disabilities.

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