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Dunn moves to increase OPRA transparency

In March the legislature modified the deadline for responses to open public record act requests. Assemblywoman Aura Dunn introduced legislation (A4491) returning the deadline back to seven days from any time the government gets around to it.

“Governor Murphy’s could not be less transparent about the state’s response to the pandemic,” said Dunn. “He has withheld information from the public and there is no urgen

cy to reply to requests to learn anything. The modified date has been exploited and the law should be reversed.”

The deadline was modified so a custodian of a public record only had to give their best college try to respond in seven days instead of mandating a response within seven days. The change was made because government employees worked remotely and staff may be reduced.

“As things return to normal the reasons for changing the deadline in the first place aren’t relevant,” Dunn added.

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